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Upper Tree Parts

Part# Quantity Description

27-10 1 Tree, Upper

29-01 2 Bolt, Tree Pinch (3816 x .975 under head)

Note: There is more than one version of the Upper Tree shown above

Shock Assembly Parts

Part# Quantity Description

00-66 2 Assembly,

Shock Absorber 10-00 2 Washer,

Thrust Load 18-01 2 Retaining Ring, Shock Body

20-01 2 Cap, Shock Body

19-01 2 O-Ring, Shock Body Cap

fill each Shock with 100 ml. of 5 weight Shock Oil

Rocker Arm Parts

Part# Quantity Description

11-01 1 Rocker Arm, Closed

12-01 1 Rocker Arm, Open (Goes on Brake Side)

13-11 4 Adapter Bushing, Rocker Arm Bearing

13-13 8 Bearing, Rocker Arm Pivot

25-11 4 Retaining Ring, Rocker Arm Pivot

15-01 1 Set Screw, Axle (1/2-13 x Soft Tip)

Outer Tube Spike & Pushrod Spike Parts

Part # Quantity Description

20-01 2 Spike, Outer Tube

19-01 2 O-Ring, Outer Tube Spike

56-01 2 Spike, Pushrod

19-37 2 O-Ring, Pushrod Spike

Lower Tree Parts

Part # Quantity Description

28-10 1 Tree, Lower

33-67 1 Stem, Steering

29-01 2 Bolt, Tree Pinch (3/8-16 x .950" under head)

30-03 2 Pin, Steering Stop (.375" diameter x .500 long)

33-05 1 Set Screw, Steering Stem (1/4-20 x 3/8 Soft-Tip)

Note: There is more than one version of the Lower Tree shown above

Spring Tree Parts

Part # Quantity Description

38-01 1 Tree, Spring

14-03 2 Bolt, Pinch (3/8-16 x 1.450" under head

Pushrod Arch Parts

Part # Quantity Description

26-01 1 Arch, Pushrod

29-03 2 Bolt, Pinch (3/8-16 x 1.475" under head)

Spring Parts

Part # Quantity Description

24-01 2 Spring, Top Out (4.50� Long)

21-20 2 Spring, Main (7.75� Long)

40-01 2 Cup, Spring Seat

Pushrod Parts

Part # Quantity Description

37-XX 2 Tube, Pushrod (1.00� Outer Diameter)

51-01 2 Clevis, Pushrod Adapter

29-14 2 Bolt, Pushrod Adapter Clevis (1/2-13 x 1.450 OAL)

25-37 2 Retaining Ring, Pushrod Bolt

Note: Pushrod Adapter Clevis requires red Loctite #271 for assembly to Pushrod Tube

Outer Tube Parts

Part # Quantity Description

02-XX 2 Tube, Outer (1 13/16 Outer Diameter)

43-01 1 Clamp, Outer Tube Brake

43-02 1 Bolt, Brake Clamp (3/8-16 x 2.25 under head)

Outer Tube Assembly

Cut Outer Tubes to desired length (Cut on un-threaded end)

Drill hole on 1 Outer Tube to accept Phantom Brake Line

Screw Shaft Adapter Clevis tightly into Outer Tube

Upper & Lower Tree Installation

Press Steering Stem into Lower Tree Locate position for steering stop and press in 2 Steering Stop Pins Slide Steering Stem through the bottom neck

Install Upper Tree

Screw in Steering Stem Bolt

Tighten Steering Stem Pinch Bolt

Outer Tube Installation

Slide Brake Clamp over Outer Tube and position above shaft adapter clevis. Slide Outer Tube through Lower Tree Position Spring Tree between Upper and Lower Trees for desired trail Continue sliding the Outer Tube through the Spring Tree and Upper Tree until Tube bottoms out on Upper Tree Snug (not tighten) Pinch Bolts on all 3 Trees Attach Rocker Arm to Shaft Adapter Clevis and determine OAL of Pushrod Tube Note: Cover the Tubes during assembly to keep from scratching. Make sure to use pinch bolt spreader to open up the Trees

Shock to Pushrod Arch Assembly

Position Spring Cup on the Pushrod Arch

Slide Shock Shaft through Spring Cup & screw to Pushrod Arch

(Use Red Loctite # 271)

Use a 9/16" Socket at the top of the Shock to torque into place (25 ft-lb)

Pushrod Tube to Pushrod Arch Assembly

Slide Pushrod Tube into Pushrod Arch until it bottoms out Position the Tube so Pushrod Adapter Clevis Bolt Head is facing the Wheel Tighten Pinch Bolts

Main Spring Assembly

Slide Main Spring (7.75� long) over Shock Body Place Thrust Washer on the top face of the Main Spring

Top Out Spring and Body Cap Assembly

Slide Top Out Spring (4.50� long) over Shock Body Force Shock Body in an upward direction and screw on Shock Body Cap until tight. (Use a 3/16� rod to keep Shock Body from rotating) Note: Lowering the weight of the bike will help here.

Pushrod Spike Assembly

Mount Pushrod Spike firmly into the top end of Pushrod Tube

Outer Tube Spike Assembly Mount Outer Tube Spike firmly into top of Outer Tube

Phantom Line Routing, Shaft Adapter Clevis

Feed Brake Line upward through Shaft Adapter Clevis until end of line reaches 12� drilled hole near the Upper Tree.

Phantom Line Routing, Outer Tube through Upper Tree Feed Brake Line through �� hole in Outer Tube Hide Brake Line in channel located on underside of Upper Tree

Rocker to Shaft Assembly

Place Shaft Adapter Clevis Spacers (1 on each side of Rocker Arm) and slide Arm into Shaft Adapter Clevis (Closed Rocker is shown above) Slide bolt through Shaft Adapter Clevis and Rocker Arm, tighten to torque specs Install Retaining Ring into the Shaft Adapter Clevis Groove located at the head of the bolt Note: Open Rocker Arm (with non-threaded through hole) goes on Brake side

Rod End Mounting, Shaft Adapter to Brake

Use threaded hole in Shaft Adapter Clevis to attach Rod End Mount to Brake This Shop Manual is a work in progress. It is intended to assist you during Front End Assembly.If you experience any difficulty during assembly or have any other questions, please give us a call. Make sure to check all hardware and fasteners prior to and after your first road test.