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Springer Tree Assembly Instructions

1) Place lower Spring Cups (70) onto the pushrod arch (65)

2) Remove shock body caps (77). Note that the holes are for using a pin spanner to facilitate turning them. Careful not to spill the shock fluid (100cc of 5 wt, just in case you do).

3) Thread the shock shafts into the pushrod arch. You can use a deep socket on an extension to tighten the shock shafts into the pushrod arch. Torque to 25 ft-lbs and use red locktite.

4) Install main spring (72)

5) Slide on the washers (33) onto the circlips or snap rings (74)

6) Slide on the spring tree (32)

7) Install the top springs (76)

8) Reinstall the shock caps (77) note that the holes are for using a pin spanner to facilitate turning them.

Rocker Angle

Correct rocker angle is critical to achieving the best ride possible. We supply the Outer tube and pushrod tube slightly oversize. This allows you to trim them to the exact length needed during final fitment. Thus you may set the rocker angle to the optimum. It also allows you to make last minute decisions on ride height and account for variations in tire size and rider preference. Torque Outer tube to rocker adapter clevis to 90 ft lbs.

1) Rocker arms: The rocker arms have roller bearing to insure friction free operation. The clevis on the pushrod and outer tubes hold the bearing in double Shear.

2) Install Trees On Neck Check Steering Radius Install Steering Stops Be sure Steering Stem Bearings have seated properly Use Steering Stem Locking Set Screw preaderBolt To avoid Scratching Tubes on installation use a 7/16 UNF bolt to spread the triple clamp tube bores. Use caution (and a metal washer or the like) to avoid damaging the 3/8 threads when the bolt is tightened. Use caution to avoid overspreading the tree holes and popping the chrome. WRAP TUBES IN PROTECTIVE MATERIAL TO AVOID SCRATCHES.

3) Measure Outer Tube The outer tube should be trimmed to length so as to insure correct geometry on your Springer. The proper length of the outer tube will set the axle 1/2" to 1" higher up than the outer tube pivot point with the bike at ride height. This slopesthe rocker upwards so that the axle moves up and back when hitting a bump. People who start out trimming the tubes little longer rarely buy extra outer tubes because they cut their first set too short.

4) Assemble Spring Tree Check Circlips on shock Bodies Install First Shock Remove Shock Cap (Fill with Oil) The shocks must be filled with 100cc of 5 weight fork oil Set Spring Perch on SpringArch Install Shaft into spring Arch Use red locktite Tighten Shock Shaft Using a deep-set socket and an extension you can tighten the shock shaft into the pushrod arch from the top end. Torque the shaft to 25 ft pounds of torque Install Second Shock.

Install Main Spring

Install T/O Washer

Install Spring Tree

Install Pivot Springs

Re-Install Body Caps

5) Install Tubes and Spring Tree The spring tree can be placed anywhere you like. Above the upper tree, below the lower tree those are all locations that custimizers have used. Traditionally the spring tree ismid way between the upper and lower tree. Its up to you to decide.

6) Trim Pushrod Measure Pushrod length The pushrod should be about 1" longer than you measure to allow for preload. People who startout trimming the tubes little longer rarely buy extra pushrod tubes because they cut their first set too short. Final preload can be adjusted with the position of the spring tree. Install Pushrods

Springer Shocks

Do Springer shocks come with Oil?

No 100cc of 5 wt fork oil must be put in each springer shock on assembly. You must fill them with oil on assembly. If you forget to the fork will bounce all over. They used to come with oil, but because you have to take the cap off to install the spring tree, and people would spill the oil. So we decided to send them dry and let you fill them up.

-Red Locktite should be applied to clean threads

-Bite marks are caused by using pliers or other tools to clamp shafts

-Use nut to tighten shaft into arch (25 foot pounds)