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Q- How much should I tourque my triple tree bolts to?

A- 20 to 30 ft pounds. I just kinda put a little muscle in it, but be sure to not strip them. Also I sometimes use blue locktite on custemer bikes, but since I actually check the tourque on mine I use anti seize

Q- How to adjust Steering Stem Bearings?

A- Do not over tighten the steering stem bearings, as this can cause the bike to weave. Tighten stem until all perceptable play is gone in the bearings, then give it another 1/2 turn. Or from the position that the stem just loosens up thats good. Afterwatds tighten the stem set screw to avoid tourque loss. Sometimes you can use blue loctite. On new bearings, overtighten the bearings somewhat to make sure everything is fully seated, or the stem will keeploosening up. I Check mine every 100 miles or before every ride.

Q- Springer geometry?

A- In the instructions it has you first cut the big tube to the correct length so as to obtain the best possible geometry. The best possible geometry for a Springer has the pivot point of the rocker about a 1/2 inch to 3/4 inch below the axle. This allows the rocker to pivot up and back as the wheel hits the bump. You can adjust this by adjusting the length of the big tube. The pushrod tube length is cut to put the spring tree in the position you find most appealing. Sometimes builders want the spring arch to be right over the front tire and they place the spring tree right below the lower tree.

Spring Tree assembly instructions

1) Place lower Spring Cups (70) onto the pushrod arch (65)

2) Remove shock body caps (77). Note that the holes are for using a pin spanner to facilitate turning them. Careful not to spill the shock fluid (100cc of 5 wt, just in case you do).

3) Thread the shock shafts into the pushrod arch. You can use a deep socket on an extension to tighten the shock shafts into the pushrod arch. Torque to 25 ft-lbs and use red locktite.

4) Install main spring (72)

5) Slide on the washers (33) onto the circlips or snap rings (74)

6) Slide on the spring tree (32) 7) Install the top springs (76)

8) Reinstall the shock caps (77) note that the holes are for using a pin spanner to facilitate turning them.

Springer Shocks

Do Springer shocks come with Oil?

No 100cc of 5 wt fork oil must be put in each springer shock on assembly. You must fill them with oil on assembly. If you forget to the fork will bounce all over. They used to come with oil, but because you have to take the cap off to install the spring tree, and people would spill the oil. So we decided to send them dry and let you fill them up.

-Red Locktite should be applied to clean threads

-Bite marks are caused by using pliers or other tools to clamp shafts

-Use nut to tighten shaft into arch (25 foot pounds)