B-62 Monoblock Six™ piston brake caliper, direct mount 13”


The B62™ mounts directly to a stock leg when using a 13” rotor. No need for brake mount adapter when using a 13” rotor.


The B62™ is machined from a single block of aircraft aluminum alloy.


The B62™Monoblock design gives you maximum braking power. Bolted together calipers flex and distort under load. The B62 is a rigid solid block.  No squishy lever – just solid braking power.


The Monoblock design means a distortion free caliper eliminating the need to compensate for weak caliper design with differential bore. Every B62™ piston lays down full force on the brake rotor.


The B62™ features twin brake bleeder screws, strategically placed to give you fully bleed caliper quickly and easily.


The B62™ six-piston design distributes braking power to the pad over a very wide surface, Giving you maximum brake power.


The B62™ is available in a variety of finishes to complement your bike


             -Midnight (Black - Polished)

             -Black Velvet (Black and Silver)